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His Eminence Metropolitan Nicolae visits the Holy Resurrection parish in Sacramento, CA


The first pastoral visit of HE Metropolitan Nicolae after the enthronement as Metropolitan was the Holy Resurrection parish of Sacramento, California.

On Saturday, May 13th, HE Nicolae, accompanied by the parish priest Teodor Gârlonța and several members of the Parish Council, visited the parish property that is in the process of preparation of hosting the parish ministry. After a long process of waiting for approval of the documentation by the authorities, the parish is now at the stage of completion of the interior of the building and the exterior (parking, entry of the property, etc.).

On Sunday, May 5th, on the 5th Sunday after Pascha, HE Metropolitan Nicolae served the Divine Liturgy together with the parish priest Teodor Gârlonța, Fr. Emanuel Sigartau, and Fr. Constantin Lăpuște from the Elevation of the Holy Cross parish in San Jose. In the sermon, His Eminence Nicolae spoke about the encounter with the Incarnate God, about the chance of every Christian to meet the Risen Christ at every Divine Liturgy in the icon, the Word of the Gospel, and in the Holy Eucharist. And after the encounter, to proclaim it to the world, according to the traditional custom of the 40 day Paschal period, with the greeting "Christ is risen". His Eminence Nicolae recalled the two events in the Metropolia, the ceremonies of the enthronement of the Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan of the Americas and the Romanian Orthodox Bishop of Canada, as well as the pastoral and missionary implications of the new church administrative organization.

After the fraternal meal, His Eminence Nicolae met with members of the Parish Council to discuss the means of accomplishing the parish property to be able to host the works of the Deanery for Western USA Assembly scheduled this fall. HE Nicolae urged everyone to work together to complete this project so important for the parish.

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